Mitsubishi Motors visit Able Motors’ showroom at Ladkrabang-Kingkaew

Mitsubishi Motors hold site visits to 2 local dealership showrooms with overall best performance as a means to study the factors that may contribute to a successful operation, as well as to acknowledge the top performers for their achievements.

As one of the two dealership showrooms with outstanding revenue, growth, expansion, operational standards, and customer satisfaction, Able Motors’ Mitsubishi showroom at Ladkrabang-Kingkaew was honored with a site visit by Mr. Takao Kato – the President of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, who was visiting Thailand at the time – and Mr. Eiichi Koito – the President of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) – along with other members of their team. The site visit covered all parts of the showroom’s daily operations – including those of showroom sales, car service, spare parts, and body paint. The visit went smoothly – much to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Mr. Takao and Mr. Eiichi expressed their approval with the showroom’s operations and accomplishments, and encouraged the same level of quality and care from other Mitsubishi dealers in Thailand – with hopes that the operations observed during this site visit may serve as foundation and standards for Mitsubishi’s dealership operations.

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