Sustainability Focus


Sustainable Operation’s Framework

AAPICO Group is determined to develop and conduct a sustainable business operation to deliver quality services and reduce any repercussions to the stakeholders in order to demonstrate the Company’s conscientious business conduct. AAPICO’s sustainable development operates under the “3E” principle which consists of 3 main components: Enhance Economic Value, Elevate Quality of Life, and Eco-Efficiency. Additionally, the Company’s operation must comply with the principle of Good Corporate Governance and consider the engagement of every stakeholders’ groups.


Use innovative products and ideas for higher productivity and efficiency

➤ Sand blasting process was adopted instead of pickling process for reduce
pollution, eliminate supplier risk and reduce manufacturing cost

➤ Generate reports from Oracle for more efficiency and less humans’ error

➤ Connecting machines and equipment via network in order to follow up,
examine and solve any problems occurred in production lines

➤ More robot installation in production lines


Embrace innovation for resource consumption improvement

➤ Reduce NG parts by improving jigs to protect the error from Robot spot welding

➤ Encourage paperless environment e.g. submitting reports via email

➤ Forming Factory 4.0 project with data analytics to most utilize all resources and to enhance production efficiency

➤ Emphasis on energy saving activities e.g. turn off lights and air conditioners during lunch Implement

➤ LED lighting bulbs in plants for energy saving


Encourage innovation, cooperation, and creativity of employee

➤ Organize Turbo Competition for encouraging employee self-development with innovation and creativity which leads to production process development, cost reduction, sale increase, and organization development in long run

➤ Use robots instead of human for the hot and heavy jobs in order to improve working environment and develop quality of work

➤ Improve work process for more efficiency and less lead time

➤ Using Quality Control Circle, TPS, value stream mapping and others to enhance and materialize stronger the TURBO Policy set by President & CEO


Enhance small suppliers’ competitiveness

Expand connection among B2B with win-win strategy

Encourage community development

➤ Cooperate with bank to help small supplier improve its working capital with competitive interest rate via supplier financing

➤ Give scholarship to children

➤ Donation to natural disaster victims, nursing home, and others


Implement process arrange environmental saving activities

➤ Cooperate and implement procedure with supplier to reduce NG products delivered

➤ Organize mangrove planting activity

➤ Arrange coral reef restoration activity

➤ The company received the certification ISO14001, an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system 

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