Sustainability Focus


Sustainable Operation’s Framework, Strategy and Targets

With the company’s intention of becoming the world’s leading OEM automotive parts manufacturer, car dealership, and IoT connectivity & mobility company, AAPICO places great importance on innovation and environment. In keeping with our sustainability commitment of “Creating innovative value for driving better way of life”, we aim to ensure business long-term viability and integrity by balancing three dimensions: environmental, social, and governance to deliver high-quality products and service using precise and various innovations with resource optimization and less environmental and social impacts. We also reduce any repercussions to all stakeholders in order to demonstrate the Company’s conscientious business conduct.

Sustainability Framework

In terms of the company’s commitment, AAPICO’s sustainable development is guided by the “3E” principle, which consists of three primary components: Enhance Economic Value, Elevate Quality of Life, and Eco-Efficiency. This is the company’s strategy for collaboration and developing a solid and long-term basis for business development in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Determined to be a part of the driving forces for UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), AAPICO Group has been continuously supporting their Sustainable Development Goals. For the operations in 2021, the Company focused on 10 main Sustainable Development Goals that were most in line with the Company’s operations in order to create sustainable values for every stakeholder, as follows:

ESG at a Glance