Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity & Mobility Business

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Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity & Mobility Business

AAPICO has world-class expertise in location-based data, as evidenced by our successful partnerships with HERE, TomTom, Grab Thailand, and GH Bank. Moreover, automotive OEMs including Mitsubishi, Nissan, MG, and Hyundai have chosen our digital maps to power their on-board navigation systems in Thailand and/ or Malaysia. As the demand for online map increased in recent years, AAPICO added the web map services to support the growing trend of logistics and delivery services. Thanks to the rise of the Internet, Big Data, and the Government’s push for Thailand 4.0, AAPICO has been able to build upon its original core competence in location-based data and digital mapping to expand into GPS Tracking, Smart Logistics, Smart Mobility, Smart Factories and even Smart Farm analytics. From its beginnings as a player in the navigation space, AAPICO has developed into a data company, dedicated to driving smart decisions.

Careful attention to accuracy, completeness, and regular update makes the products and services of AAPICO on par with the best in the market. The Thailand digital map offers a comprehensive countrywide coverage of data layers such as points of interests (POI), road network and house addresses in Thai and English languages, high location accuracy, quality attributes and proven track record of regular maintenance for OEM and after-market customers. The ability to support custom requirements and innovate highly competitive products is foremost of AAPICO’s competitive advantage. Cost-effective price offering and proactive customer service equally highlight AAPICO’s strength as a locally based company.

Customer of Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity & Mobility Business

There are various group of customers in this business, which includes individual & corporate customers and government authorities. AAPICO continues to provide map and field data collection services to its regular partners while also offering the web map services to logistics and delivery companies. AAPICO also develops various Smart Factory applications in support of the Groups vision of becoming a world-class digital company, with the goal of extending these products and services to other automotive manufacturing companies. The Company embarks upon new projects such as Smart Mobility for EV taxi and establishes strategic new alliances to strengthen capacity in GIS consulting and Smart Farm projects with the government and the private sector.

Market and Competition of IoT Connectivity & Mobility Business

AAPICO’s Big Data & Internet of Things (IoT) business operates in a niche, but fast-growing market. In 2021, sales of this business contributed less than 1% of annual revenue. The Company has broadened its offering of Logistics & Industrial Asset tracking products and services to better leverage its reputation and connections in the manufacturing industry and to support the Company’s core businesses. The digital transformation of Thailand, and Southeast Asia in general, has created increasing demand for the Company’s location-based data and also opened new doors for the Company to commercialize its digital assets and expertise

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