Design and Manufacture of Stamping Dies


Design and Manufacture of Stamping Dies

AAPICO provides full service for die design and development. The company design, develop, and manufacture cold stamping die for sheet metal forming application. Majority of its stamping dies are made for use in-house production facilities.

Stamping die’s production process starts with the design of the mold by die engineer using the CAD computer program. A foam molding is created according to the die design for casting the metal die, which is then passed to CNC Machining Center to machine and finish the stamping die.


A team of engineers perform quality check and product testing before commencing the production line of parts. The Company applies the Autoform process to simulate the formability of parts and conduct feasibility study with customers to ensure that the stamped parts meet the quality requirements of customers.

We have received a ‘Die and Mould Best Practice’ award from the Thai-German Institute.