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In 2017, AAPICO Hitech set up a joint venture with Nuro Technology Incorporated and Otonavi Sdn. Bhd. to embark into the automotive electronics business. Nuro Technology Group, including Nuro Technology and Nuta Technology, is our team located in Taiwan; and Otonavi Sdn. Bhd., our Malaysian partner, has been experienced in automotive accessories & equipment as a wholesaler in Malaysia for more than 15 years.


‘GoTrec’ aims to be your safety partner on the road. Our passion truly lies with creating meaningful experiences. Therefore, we are bringing the best technology to car owners. From production that combines meticulous assembly with the advanced technology available to innovation that ensures our automotive electronic products will be on the forefront because we are offering more than the products; we are establishing safety, happiness and quality of life to everyone on the road.

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