AAPICO Hitech receives 2 prizes of IAA Awards for Outstanding CEO and Outstanding IR.

On August 8, 2023, AAPICO Hitech Plc (AH) joined the ceremony of IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2022-2023 as the company received 2 nominated prizes for the first time. 

  • Outstanding CEO (Industrial Products) – Mr. Yeap Swee Chuan, CEO. 
  • Outstanding IR (Industrial Products) – Ms. Pocharee Busrathepkul, Senior Financial Controller & Head of Investor Relations. 
IAA Awards 2022-2023 Outstanding CEO & IR
IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2022-2023 – Outstanding CEO and Outstanding IR

These 2 awards indicate that AH has good business directions to seek for a robust growth in revenue and profit, so the financial statements perform healthy in each data and ratio. More importantly, CEO has his distinguished vision in the automotive business to mobilize the organization to achieve the long-term goal which is to be a global company. 

In the part of investor relations (IR) area, AH has a good reputation among securities companies and asset management firms thanks to its strong financial statements.  All types of investors such as high-net-worth individuals, institutions, funds and retail investors both Thailand and overseas are interested in investing in AH shares. Communication for financial data and business overview is matter and the financial control & IR team has done very well. 

IAA Awards 2022-2023 Outstanding CEO
Mr Yeep Swee Chuan for his first time of IAA Awards Outstanding CEO

Watch livehttps://fb.watch/mhQLsD4x0b/ 

Read morehttps://iaathai.org/iaa-awards-for-listed-companies-2022-2023/ 

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