Navigation System

AAPICO ITS Co., Ltd. produces 3D car navigation and digital map solutions under the brand “POWERMAP” with voice activation software that can also be installed into various navigation hardwares. POWERMAP navigation system is available for On Board Unit (OBU), Portable Navigation Device (PND), mobile phone devices and personal computers (PC). The map database of POWERMAP covers Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Oracle System

AERP Co., Ltd. was started mainly to support the implementation of the Oracle system to all companies under AAPICO Group. It plans to expand its services to other external customers as well. AAPICO Hitech has introduced the Oracle ERP system into its operation. This system works in conjunction with “Lean Manufacturing” practices, which helps to manage the inventory by providing accuracy and efficiency. Ultimately the system enables the company to ensure on-time deliveries and control operation costs. AAPICO Hitech PLC is one of the first companies in Thailand to implement “Lean Manufacturing” on Oracle system.