OEM Auto Parts

OEM Auto parts constitute the highest income to the Group revenue. All OEM Auto parts manufactured by the companies within AAPICO Group are high quality products, which are listed in the following:

Steel Fuel Tanks and Tank Sender
The company manufactures around 100,000 tanks per year and supplies them to Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the car manufacturer for Ford and Mazda. The company is the only supplier who can manufacture almost every part of the steel fuel tank with technical support from the partners, such as Keylex Corporation of Japan and Continental Automotive of Germany.
Chassis Frame
The company has a fully-integrated manufacturing system starting from die design to die development, die testing and die manufacturing until the complete assembly of the chassis frame. It has a manufacturing capacity of 294,000 pieces per year divided into two 8 hours each. The company supplies the chassis frame to Isuzu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in component parts while Isuzu welds the full frame. Currently the manufacturing plant runs the production at full capacity. It has increased the capacity of the blanking line and press shop; and outsourced some of its parts to other companies to meet the volume increase.
Forged and Machined Parts
AAPICO Forging PLC, a subsidiary company in Thailand, manufactures forged and machined parts. Among the main customers are Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., TRW Co., Ltd. and Thai Yamaha Co., Ltd., and others. Another subsidiary for forged parts manufacturing is located in Kunshan, China. The latter supplies mostly to Chery, General Motors, Wuling, Schneider and others.
Pressed Parts and Stamping Parts
The company manufactures high quality body parts, such as floor parts, cross members, pillars, brackets, clips and others including sub-assemblies. These products are mainly delivered to Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Isuzu (Thailand) Co., Ltd and Nissan Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Plastic Parts and Plastic Fuel Tank
The company manufactures many plastic parts for the car and electrical appliances. Plastic fuel tanks are produced under a technical agreement with Kautex Textron, Germany for Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd., joint venture between Ford and Mazda.
Fuel Lines, Brake Lines and Engine Parts
Able Sanoh Industries (1996) Co., Ltd. (ASICO) is a joint venture company between AAPICO, Sanoh Industries and Sojitz Group, Japan. It manufactures chassis parts and engine parts. ASICO supplies most of their products to Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Nissan Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and others.
Roof Ditch Molding, Belt Line Molding, and Door Sash
Minth AAPICO is a joint venture company with SINOONE Holdings, a wholly-owned unit of Minth Group Ltd. The factory has a production capacity of 250,000 pieces per year to supply the customers such as Auto Alliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and General Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Brazed Steel Tubing
Sanoh Industries (Thailand) Co., Ltd., another joint venture company started its operation in Thailand with bending and endforming of brake tubes and cluster tubes for brake and fuel lines. At the present its main products are brake tubes, fuel tubes and other tubular parts, which are largely delivered to Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd.